Developing countries like Bangladesh should concentrate more on industrial development

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Developing countries like Bangladesh should concentrate more on industrial development, instead of agriculture, to achieve better development.
Do you agree or disagree?

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Topic : Developing countries
Type : Opinion Essay

Model Answer (disagree)

Developing nations have a high potential to accelerate their progress, and they would like to achieve it quicker. Though there is no hard and fast rule that a nation can develop if it targets expanding industries instead of agriculture, I believe that a developing country like Bangladesh needs to possess a well-conceived industrialization strategy like India, China, or Hong Kong to become a developed country.

Agriculture, without a doubt, is a significant sector for a country like Bangladesh, where more than 70% of people rely on this industry. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that agriculture, particularly in this era of the electronic world, cannot enlist a country as an advanced state. The industrial revolution in the world has taught us that manual labor and agricultural goods cannot alone enhance the economic state of a nation overnight. A country must have an export-oriented business or good industrial heart point to advance and compete with the wealthy nations. For instance, a weak state must export several thousand tonnes of grains to import only a couple of several machines. This disparity will continue improving if the nation cannot become industrially adequate. Asian economy has already shifted from farming and fishing to industrialization without a developing nation can further advance without following the same pathway.

While agricultural development should not be ignored, especially in countries like Bangladesh, industrialization should get more priority. Diversifying the agricultural products and exports is fantastic energy for an agricultural-based nation, but this takes a long way to reach the top, and with the revolution and rapid expansion of the industrial world, this has gotten quite challenging in a sensible world.

To conclude, an agriculture-dependent nation like Bangladesh should make an effort and diversify its agricultural sector for becoming self-sufficient in its food supply but must have a long-term industrial plan to grow further.

Topic Related Vocabulary

adequate : enough or satisfactory for a particular purpose
He didn’t have adequate time to prepare for the exam.

diversify : to start to include more different types or things
Millions of years ago, changes in the earth’s climate caused animal and plant life to diversify.

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