Describe your favourite weather

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card

Describe your favourite weather

You should say
What kind of weather it is?
When this weather usually occurs?
What you usually do during this weather?
Explain how this weather affects you?
And explain why you like this type of weather.

Note: You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.

Model Answers and follow up questions to Describe your favourite weather with IELTS cue card:

Model Answer 1:

What kind of weather is it? and When this weather usually occurs?
My favorite weather pattern is a warm day full of sunlight, which is typical of the summer, and I can’t wait till it starts. Yes, it sometimes gets scorching hot and sultry. But I don’t care. At least I don’t have to fight with bulky overcoats or down jackets. 

What you usually do during this weather?
Summery days mean blue sky, gentle breeze, white beaches, and green trees. I love the warmth, the plenty of sunshine it brings, and the suntanned people. On those days, girls wear cute skirts and lovely sunbonnets. All the beautiful colors go around, capturing our attention and being so eye-pleasing. And you can feel the longing to go outdoors and experience an adventure. 

Explain how this weather affects you?
It is the ice cream time and a variety of fruits, such as peaches, strawberries, and watermelons. I love those after going swimming or hiking. Plus, it is also a time of great relaxation. You’ll always marvel at how much fun and entertainment can be squeezed into sunny days. There is the time of rest, swimming, surfing, picnics, fishing, and boating. There is always something going on, and there are always people enjoying nature. 

And explain why you like this type of weather.
I love this type of weather because it is linked to most of my best memories, and it never fails to trigger my passion in life. 

Model Answer 2:


  • Weather is a short-term atmospheric condition
  • It keeps changing every now and then.
  • We enjoy many types of weather in India
  • We have hot weather in summers and cool weather in winters.
  • The weather in spring and autumn is generally pleasant.

What kind of weather it is? and When this weather usually occurs?

  • The weather I am going to talk about here is the pleasant weather we have during the spring, that is March and the beginning of April.
  • This is a very welcome weather because it brings great relief from the intense cold of winters.
  • The flowers are in full bloom everywhere, and you can hear the happy chirping of the birds.
  • Spring season gives you a reason to smile.
  • It infuses colour in your life.

What you usually do during this weather?

  • The spring season is important for farmers.
  • Crops ripen in the fields.
  • Farmers store wheat and barley at home.
  • Everybody feels a sense of joy and happiness.

Explain how this weather affects you?

  • Besides, spring is a season of festivals for the Hindus.
  • Holi is a festival of eating and drinking.
  • I enjoy it the most.
  • Holi adds to the glory of the spring season.
  • Days and nights are neither too long nor too short.
  • I hate the cold wind of winter.
  • I do not like the hot sun of summer.
  • I dislike mud and dirt caused by the rains.


  • So spring is my favorite season, and its weather is my favourite weather.

Favourite Season


  • India is a diverse country. We namely enjoy four seasons i.e. summer, winter, autumn, and spring.
  • Because of global warming summer season is extended and we have summer for almost six months a year.

What kind of weather it is? and When this weather usually occurs?

  • My favourite season is however winter.
  • Winter lasts from December to February.
  • The climate is pleasant, energetic, soothing, and dry.

What you usually do during this weather? and Explain how this weather affects you?

  • Another reason to like the winter season is that there are a lot of seasonal fruits and vegetables which can be healthy and tasty.
  • I also like to wear woolen clothes, which I can wear during this season only.

explain why you like this type of weather.

  • I generally go to visit different places during winter vacation.
  • I also look forward to the New year celebrations with my friends.
  • Nights are very long in the winters and I love to sleep till late in the morning especially at weekends.
  • In summers we sweat a lot and there are so many power cuts, so I don’t like summers.
  • Trees shed of their leaves in autumn,
  • So, autumn is a very gloomy season.
  • Spring is also a wonderful season.
  • Everywhere there are blooming flowers and the weather is also generally very pleasant.
  • But, spring is very short-lived.
  • It only lasts a month and a half.
  • In spring generally, my exams are near and so my favourite season remains winter.

IELTS Speaking Part 3 : Follow up Questions

Here some examples of follow up questions that you may asked during your speaking part 3 by examiner related to cue card “Describe your favourite weather”.

1.Do you often pay attention to the weather forecast? (Why?/Why not?)
Yes, I pay attention to the weather forecast on a regular basis. The reason is I travel a lot and it becomes necessary to know about the weather to be prepared in advance. Also, climate change has made the weather unpredictable. It sometimes rains even in the dry season as such knowing the weather on a day-to-day basis has become a necessity.

2. How does the weather (or, the weather forecast) affect what activities people do?
People prefer to stay indoors on hot sunny days or rainy days and go out for picnics on pleasant days. Also, there are things we like to eat in certain weather – for example, fritters on rainy days, ice creams on warm days, etc. It also affects the clothing patterns. People wear light-colored loose cotton dresses in summers and dark warm clothes in cold weather.

3. (Similar to above) How does the weather affect people’s daily lives?

4. Why do some people dislike some kinds of weather?
I think it’s because the weather can limit people’s activities. If the weather restricts people from enjoying their favorite activity, it can make them dislike that weather. My friend hates rainy days because he likes to play cricket and he can’t do that because of the rain.

5. Do people wear different clothes in different types of weather (or, different seasons)? ( Same as 2)

6. Does the weather have an effect on the economy?
Yes, the weather affects our economy. For example, due to milder winters, a lot of people from cold northern countries visit us during that time. Thus it promotes tourism. Also, certain weather like hot sunny days boosts the earning of local ice cream vendors. Similarly, winters boost the jackets and sweaters industry.

7. (Similar but different) (In your country), are there any differences in economic activity in the different seasons?
There are differences in certain economic activities. For example, warm clothes’ industry gets a boost in the winter season. Similarly, farming is also dependent upon seasons – certain crops like rice are grown in summers whereas others like wheat in winters.

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