Describe an old friend you got in contact with again

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card

Describe an old friend you got in contact with again.

You should say
Who he or she is?
What he or she is like?
How you got in contact?
And explain how you felt about it?

Note: You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.

Model Answer


  • Well, people quickly lose their contact with friends, especially school and college friends, in today’s fast-paced life.
  • I also pass through this situation.
  • I lose many friends’ contacts, and it is happening because I am busy with my job, and some of my friends are too busy in their work, life and some shift to another place or country.

Who he or she is?

  • Here I would like to talk about my school friend, whom I found on Facebook. it is not fair to say, but Sometimes my thanks to the Corona pandemic because it slowed down life, and people get time to spend with their families.
  • Her name is Preet.
  • We studied for ten years together.
  • Her father has a cloth business.
  • Her family shifted to Delhi to expand the business, so she had to move there.
  • She gave a phone number to me on a slip, but unfortunately, I lost the slip.
  • I missed her a lot.

What he or she is like?

  • She was a brilliant student.
  • She is not only in good in academics but performs very well in sports also.
  • She was good at math, and sometimes she also taught other students if they found difficulties in that subject.
  • She likes to live very simple means she does not like trendy clothes.

How you got in contact?

  • Last month I was checking my Facebook account, and I entered her name in the search box, luckily her account showed in the list.
  • I clicked on it and sent a friend request to her. She accepted the next day and also sent a mobile number through the message. After that, we start calling each other.

And explain how you felt about it?

  • I felt thrilled because I was trying to find out the contact with her for many years. Now, whenever we call each other, we recall our old days and memories.



  • Due to the fast-paced life of today, it is very easy to lose contact with friends.
  • I have also lost contact with many of school time friends.
  • It happened inadvertently.
  • Some of my friends got busy with jobs, some shifted to another city, and some just got busy with family life.
  • However, during this Corona pandemic, life slowed down.
  • I was home all the time, and this also meant that I spent more time on social media, especially Facebook.

Who he or she is?

  • So, two or three months ago, I got a friend request from one of my school-time friends, Navneet.
  • He had shifted to Canada when we were in 8th standard.

How you got in contact?

  • For the first two-three months, we tried to keep contact, but eventually we all got busy with studies.
  • So, it was a pleasant surprise to receive his friend request.
  • Navneet was one of my best friends in school.

What he or she is like?

  • I don’t use these words for anyone, but he was in a real sense ‘a jack of all trades ’.
  • He was good in academics and sports as well.
  • When we were in school, he was the captain of the football team.
  • In studies, he was always among the top four-five students.
  • Despite all this, he was very modest, and still he is very modest.
  • He never tried to show that he was superior to others.
  • It was so fun talking to him.

And explain how you felt about it?

  • It felt like I had travelled back in time.
  • We reminisced about our school days and both of us became a bit nostalgic.


  • I think it was a bittersweet feeling getting in touch with him after so long.
  • On the one hand, we both felt a bit guilty about losing touch.
  • On the other hand, we were also very happy to talk to each other after so long.

IELTS Speaking Part 3 : Follow up Questions

Here some examples of follow up questions that you may asked during your speaking part 3 by examiner related to cue card “describe an old friend you got in contact with again”.

1. What is the influence of social media on friendships?
I think social media has definitely enabled us to maintain friendships better. We all know our friends are just a click away. At the same time, it has all reduced face to face contact, and I think that has weakened the bonds of friendships.

2. Why do people lose contact with each other after graduation?
I think the main reason is that we get busy with jobs. Moreover, sometimes people move to another city for a job. We don’t see our friends daily, and we come in contact with new people. Building new friendships consumes time, and thus inadvertently people lose touch with friends.

3. Do people in your country like to make new friends?
Definitely, I think Indians, in essence, are very social. We love conversation, meeting new people. Every time, I travel, I come back with a new contact in my phone.

4. Do you think old friends are more important to the old generation or the young generation?
I think old friends are important to both the new and old generation. I think talking with childhood friends takes people back to childhood days in some sense, and most people miss that time – a time free of tensions and worries.

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