Describe A Time When Someone Asked For Your Opinion

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card

Describe a time when someone asked for your opinion.

You should say:

Who asked for your opinion?
Why he/she wanted to know your opinion?
What opinion you gave?
And explain how you felt when he/she asked for your opinion.

Note: You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.

Model Answer:


  • Well in my country people keep asking for each other’s opinion all the time
  • Sometimes people like to give their opinions on matters that even do not relate to them.
  • They do it to show care and help others.

Who asked for your opinion?

  • Today, I would like to talk about a time when one of my cousins asked me about my opinion on apple and android phones.

Why he/she wanted to know your opinion?

  • My cousin had recently completed his 10th standard and because he had performed well in his examination, his parents had promised to buy him a new phone.
  • Since his parents are extremely wealthy, he had a budget of 70,000 Rs to buy the new phone.
  • My cousin reached out to me because I am considered a gadget freak in my family as I love to try new phones and devices that come in the market.
  • I have also created a lot of review videos of different technology products like smartwatches, speakers, laptops, and mobiles, etc.
  • So, when my cousin started the apple vs android debate, he really wanted to know which product is a better choice and offers the most value for money.
  • I explained to him the hardware and software offerings of both devices in detail and discussed with him the different use case scenarios where each device can perform better than the other.

What opinion you gave?

  • I told him that Apple devices offered better hardware, camera quality, privacy, and an ecosystem that allows the users to connect seamlessly with other apple products, however, the android devices offered more value for money as they provide all the same features at a much lesser cost.
  • Also, android users can do a lot of customizations on their phones as compared to apple devices where the user experience is more controlled.
  • Prior to our discussion, my cousin had a very negative opinion about android phones but when I showed him some of the advanced features and tricks that an android device could do, he was really impressed.
  • Our discussion went on for almost 4-5 hours and at the end of it, my cousin had a different opinion about the android devices.

And explain how you felt when he/she asked for your opinion.

  • I felt really happy when he came asking for my opinion because I like to engage in such discussions.


  • I believe that having a healthy conversation like this helps to increase one’s intellect and general awareness about things.
  • Although sometimes people can also get into heated arguments, I think that people should learn to respect each other’s opinions.

IELTS Speaking Part 3 : Follow up Questions

Here some examples of follow up questions that you may asked during your speaking part 3 by examiner related to cue card “Describe a time when someone asked for your opinion”.

1. Why do some people dislike giving their opinions?
There are many reasons why some people do not like to share their perspectives/ideas about things. Sometimes they lack the confidence or the ability to explain their opinion in detail. They feel that they will be embarrassed if someone would counter their opinion and might not be able to defend their opinion. Another reason could be that some people are just shy in nature and like to keep things close to themselves.

2. Are there any apps designed for collecting opinions about products or services?
I am not aware of any app that only collects opinions about products but almost all the shopping apps have an option for the users to comment about the products they have purchased from their website. For example, many people write reviews on Amazon shopping app and give ratings for the products available there.

3. Why do people like to express their opinions on the Internet nowadays?
The primary reason is that people want their voice to be heard and Internet provides them a platform where they can express their views about anything and everything while being anonymous. Internet also provides them a sense of freedom to express their mind without having to worry about what others will think. Also, one can easily choose to engage or disengage in a conversation as per their convenience.

4. What are the disadvantages of sharing opinions on the Internet?
I think there are many disadvantages of this trend. Firstly, a lot many times people hurt each other’s sentiments by writing abusive content online. It is often seen in many chat forums that people are hurling abuses at each other over minor disagreements. Secondly, I think that online discussions are mostly not productive and waste people’s useful time.


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