Describe A Family Member Whom You Would Like To Work With In The Future

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card

Describe a family member whom you would like to work with in the future.

You should say:

Who the person is?
Have you ever worked with the person before?
What kinds of work you would like to do with the person?
And explain how you will feel if you can finally work together.

Note: You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.

Model Answer 1:

Well, the family business is quite common in my country in which family members work together as a unit. 

Who this person is?
If given a chance, I would like to work with my elder brother. Actually, It is my long time dream that I set up an educational institute with my brother and together, we can make it a great success.

The fact is that my brother is extremely good at management right from childhood, and at present, he is pursuing MBA. 

What kinds of work you would like to do with the person?
If I talk about myself, I have a great inclination towards teaching, and it is my dream to become a teacher one day. In fact I have a bit of experience of teaching poor children in my locality. Unfortunately, the area we live in ,the education standard is pretty poor.

Students often have to move to nearby cities for better or quality education. However, Our institute will ensure that they get quality education in their own hometown. 

And explain how you will feel if you can finally work together.
This business, I must say, has a lot of potentials as well, which would ensure that we are having good earnings as well. The best part is that my brother and I have a very good understanding.

We never have conflicts, and we blindly trust each other, and these things would ensure the smooth running of our business. 

Overall, I can say that I am pretty sure that we both will enjoy a lot working together, and I wish one day I will have the opportunity to work with my elder brother. 

Model Answer 2:

The benefits of working with family include more trust and a sense of dedication to a shared goal, while the downsides are potential damage to the relationship and abuse of power.

To successfully work with family, you must establish clear expectations and boundaries right from the start. Today, I would like to talk about one of my family members with whom I would like to do work in future.

Who the person is? and Have you ever worked with the person before?
One of my cousins and I had completed graduation in fashion design from the same institute last year. We both know our weak points and strengths very well because we did a lot of projects together during graduation.

She always motivates me in my bad times. She is a very creative person. She always thinks about new and unique things.

What kinds of work you would like to do with the person?
As I said earlier, we know fashion, so I decided to open a boutique with her. As we know, everyone wants to look good or beautiful, especially women, so there are lots of chances that our business can succeed easily.

I put the suggestion of opening a new boutique in front of her, and she too readily agreed to this work.

And explain how you will feel if you can finally work together.
Not only I but she also feel very excited, and happy about this work. We already started to do planning for our new work so that we can start our business as soon as possible.

Model Answer 3:


  • I have always wanted to work in a big multinational company.
  • I would never miss a chance to work in any such company.

Who the person is?

  • However, my uncle runs a spare part manufacturing company by the name of Akal Industries.
  • I have seen him grow from a small firm with a handful of employees working under him, to a fairly big company with about 300 employees.
  • I am sure that with his way of working and his rapport with his employees, the day is not far when it will be no less than any MNC.
  • I would love to work with him.
  • I would like to do my “Masters in Business Management” from Canada and then join him.

 Have you ever worked with the person before?

  • I have never worked with him so far, but have seen him work many times.
  • He is in his forties and is tall and very handsome.
  • His son Aman is the same age as I, and we are both classmates.

What kinds of work you would like to do with the person?

  • My uncle has promised that he would allow us to work for his company only after we have both got some degrees from good colleges in hand.
  • Aman wants to go for Mechanical Engineering and I want to do business management.
  • With different skills in hand, we both would prove to be an asset to the company.
  • I would feel very good if I would get a chance to work in my uncle’s company.
  • Although he has so many employees, he himself also works with the machines with them. He looks after their needs very well.
  • All of them are happy working for him.
  • He has taken part in many auto fests in India and abroad.

And explain how you will feel if you can finally work together.

  • He gets many orders from abroad and always fulfills them in time even though he has to make his workers work double time.
  • He is very quality conscious and if any end product does not meet his expectations, he takes a second to discard it.


  • It would be great to work for a person like him, and be like him one day.

IELTS Speaking Part 3 : Follow up Questions

Here some examples of follow up questions that you may asked during your speaking part 3 by examiner related to cue card “describe a family member whom you would like to work with in the future”.

Family businesses:

Q1. Are there any positive effects of working with a family member?
Certainly, there are many benefits of working with a family member. A family member would be more supportive if an occasional time off is needed. Secondly, the family member would also be satisfied as he would not have the fear of any outsider cheating him in business. However, one must realise that some work ethics have to be maintained even if one is working for a family member.

Q2. What kinds of family businesses are there in India?
India is a diverse country and a fast growing one too. All sorts of family businesses are there in India. My hometown Phagwara is a hub of small scale industry. Many people are into making auto spare parts. I visited Rajkot in Gujarat and I saw many households run the business of Patola sarees. You name a business, and you will find it in India.

Q3. Why do people like to set up a family business?
Family business ensures employment within a family. If there is some business know-how to any person, he can start a small business and make it grow with family support. One does not have to go out hunting for jobs. By having a family business, one can be a job provider rather than being a job seeker.

Q4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a family business?
The advantages are that one does not have to go out hunting for jobs. By having a family business, one can be a job provider rather than being a job seeker. An entrepreneur is his own boss. If the whole family works hard and the business flourishes, it can be a rags to riches story.

The disadvantages are that if the business faces a slump, the whole family can turn from riches to rags overnight. The family members may also have conflicts if they feel that some of them are just reaping benefits without actually working hard.

Q5. What are the causes for the success of a family business?
The success of a family business are dependent on mutual trust among the family members, disciplined atmosphere at work and recognition of each others inputs.

Q6. How is the relation among members of a family business?
For any family business to thrive, good relation among family members is of paramount importance. If this is not there then the family business can see its doom very soon.

Family in general:

Q1. In what ways have families in your country changed recently?
Families have changed from joint to extended. This change has mostly been out of compulsion rather than choice. Young people are getting jobs in metros and in foreign countries. So, they leave their parents behind. However, these nuclear units are well connected to each other.

Q2. Should husbands and wives have different roles within the family?
Gender differences are disappearing these days and both husband and wife have to work outside for making a comfortable living. So, roles within the family should ideally be the same. However, these changes will take some time to implement. Women are yet supposed to look after household chores more than men despite being out of the home for the same time as men.

Q3. Which are more important to you: your family or your friends?
Both are important to me, but family definitely has an edge over friends. Friends can turn out to be fair weather friends, but family is always there through their thick and thin. It has been rightly said that ‘in times of test, family is best’.

Working in large companies:

Q1. What are the advantages of working in a big company?
There are many advantages of working in a big company. Firstly, big companies offer big salaries. Secondly, there is a status symbol attached. Also, there are chances of foreign visits. Finally, there is multi-culture experience in big companies

Q2. Will promotion be easier in a big company?
I don’t think so. In a big company, you are part of a big crowd. Unless your work really stands out, you are not even noticed.

Q3. Should big companies donate more to charities?
Definitely yes. Big companies have a corporate social responsibility. Under that, they are supposed to do for charity.

Q4. Should big companies be punished more seriously if they break the law?
I don’t think so. Punishment should be the same for all if they break the law. Even a small company should be punished as severely.


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