As countries have developed there has been a trend towards smaller family sizes

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As countries have developed there has been a trend towards smaller family sizes. Why does this happen? How does this affect society?

Give specific reason and explain them with examples from your own experience or knowledge.

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This is also evident from the fact that the average household size is becoming smaller. It’s argued that increasing costs of living and career-oriented believing are the principal reasons for this tendency. These causes and their consequences will be analysed in this informative article.

To start, ever since the industrial revolution, the increasing cost of living in cities has forced people to shrink the size of the families because of economic factors. This has led to families spending more time with their offspring, because the amount of children, one of which parents need to split their time, has decreased dramatically. This would not be possible if parents had to invest lots of their time nurturing the requirements of a more significant number of children.

Additionally, the advent of technology has eliminated the requirement for human intervention in many jobs; for that reason, now more people have to compete for fewer jobs. Such circumstances have made people more career-oriented than they were. Therefore, the beginning and growth of households have moved into the bottom of the pecking order of several people’s priorities. The most evident impact of this on society is an ageing population in many Western nations on the planet. For example, in Germany, the population growth rate is negative, which may indicate that the present generation of Germany won’t replace their dying forefathers in numbers. Therefore the devastating effect of small families can be evident.

As is apparent, enhanced academic performances of children on the one hand and the likely extinction of genes of a few, on the other hand, are both of most notable impacts of decreasing household sizes. It is thus estimated that individuals will muse upon greatly before picking their career paths and starting families.

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