Animals Essay ideas

When writing an IELTS essay on animals, there are several different topics an examiner might ask to write about.

In this article, we will discuss essay ideas for some common topics about animals, such as:

  1. Protecting wild animal
  2. Decrease in Some Animal Species
  3. Zoos
  4. Men’s relationship with animals

No matter which topic you have to write about, it is important to back up your claims with evidence and examples. This will make your essay much more convincing and will help to improve your overall score.

1. Protecting Wild Animal

Let’s discuss some ideas to agree or disagree with the topic “protect wildlife“.

Why should we protect wildlife?

  • Individuals have a responsibility to safeguard the planet’s species.
  • Species extinction can upset the ecosystem’s equilibrium.
  • Biodiversity is critical to the health of the world.
  • Animal species research can lead to the discovery of new medications and therapies.
  • It is the only means to save certain species from extinction.

Reasons against protecting wildlife:

  • It is too expensive. It entails policing, research, and security.
  • Humans should take precedence over animals.
  • People’s education and healthcare should be funded.
  • Many species will become extinct. It is a fact of life.
  • Not every animal is worth protecting. Some creatures are extremely dangerous.

2. Decrease in Some Animal Species

Let’s discuss the major reason behind the decrease in some animal species and how to solve that problem.

  • Problem: Numbers are decreasing as a result of illegal hunting or poaching.
    Solution: Set up guards to safeguard wildlife and impose stiffer poaching and unlawful hunting penalties.
  • Problem: Traditional remedies and the fashion industry both employ endangered animal products.
    Solution: People should be educated to avoid purchasing items derived from specific species.
  • Problem: Habitat loss as a result of deforestation and human occupation.
    Solution: People should be housed apart from animal habitats.
  • Problem: There are few breeding pairs.
    Solution: Create breeding programmes for threatened species.

3. Zoos

Let’s explore some ideas to agree or disagree with having zoos.


  • Zoos offer a secure haven for endangered creatures.
  • Zoos teach visitors to appreciate wild creatures.
  • Zoos have professionally managed breeding programmes.
  • Zoos allow visitors to interact with wild creatures.
  • Zoos occasionally provide rehabilitation programmes for animals returning to the wild.
  • Animals should be allowed to exist in their natural environment.


  • Zookeepers, personnel, or tourists mistreat some animals.
  • Capturing wild animals is unethical.
  • Humans do not learn to respect animals when they are kept in cages.
  • The animals’ cages and enclosures are frequently too tiny.
  • Some animals in the wild live in social groups and cannot adjust to a solitary life in a zoo.
  • Zoos are man-made habitats that limit an animal’s natural behaviour.

4. Men’s Relationship with Animals

Here we will compare how men’s relationship with animals used to be and how it is now.


  • Animals were mainly used for agricultural purposes.
  • Man’s diet was frequently meat-based.
  • For food or sport, wild animals were hunted.
  • Animals were primarily used as a source of food.
  • All animals were once wild.


  • Farmers in developed countries now employ agricultural machinery.
  • Nowadays, there are a lot of vegetarians and vegans.
  • Numerous animal species are now legally protected, and shooting them is prohibited.
  • Some animals are kept as companions.
  • A wide range of animal species has been tamed.


I hope this article provided enough ideas to write an essay about animals for your IELTS exams.

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