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Ideas are the cornerstone of any good essay. With them, your essay will be a collection of facts and figures. Ideas give your essay direction, allowing you to focus on what is important and ignore what is not. They also help to structure your essay, making it easier for the reader to follow.

Good ideas can come from anywhere – from your own experience, books or articles you have read, or conversations you have had with others. The important thing is to make sure that you use them effectively.

Essay Topics

  1. Companies Sponsoring sport events for advertising purposes
  2. Advertising Targeting Children
  3. Advertising Fast Food
  4. Advertising Encourage Spendings

1. Companies sponsoring sport events for advertising purposes

Let’s explore some ideas to agree or disagree with the statement companies sponsoring sports events for advertising purposes.

Reasons to agree

  • Sports teams or players are provided free equipment they could not purchase.
  • Athletes may concentrate on their sport rather than being distracted by financial worries.
  • Businesses might associate their brand with successful athletes.
  • Companies that contribute products and equipment are seen favourably by the public.
  • Sports sponsorship increases a company’s and its brands’ media visibility.
  • Businesses can display their products.

Reasons to disagree

  • Some companies promote harmful products.
  • Cigarette firms, for example, should not be permitted to sponsor sporting events.
  • If the player is unsuccessful, it may impact product sales.
  • Sports enthusiasts are more engaged in the event than in the promotional messages of the sponsors.
  • The company’s reputation may be too closely tied to a player’s reputation.
  • A player who misuses drugs or acts will negatively impact the firm and vice versa.

2. Advertising Targeting Children

Let’s discuss some problems and possible solutions for the topic “advertising targeting children”.


  • Advertising high-fat and sugar-content foods and drinks contribute to childhood obesity.
  • Children pester their parents to purchase products they see promoted on TV and social media.
  • Children are unable to distinguish between existing TV shows and advertising.
  • Children have yet to understand that certain things are expensive or must be earned.
  • Advertising gives youngsters the impression that everyone has unlimited access to material goods.


  • Food marketing should urge youngsters to consume only nutritious foods.
  • Several governments have already prohibited advertising to young children.
  • Using children’s movie heroes and favourite cartoon characters in ads should be prohibited.
  • Advertising may instead encourage creativity and values such as friendship and honesty, rather than consumption.
  • Critical thinking abilities must be taught to children by both schools and parents.

3. Advertising Fast Food

Why should we agree or disagree topic “Advertising Fast Food”?


  • One of the fundamental characteristics of a democratic society is the freedom to choose.
  • Fast food is often more economical than nutritious eating for many individuals.
  • People would only be able to make educated decisions if advertising existed.
  • Several fast food items now come in a ‘diet’ and a ‘classic’ variant.
  • Good advertising teaches us the distinction between fast food and junk food.


  • Obesity has been linked to regular fast food intake, according to studies.
  • Further information on how to eat a balanced and nutritious diet is required.
  • Fast food can be advertised without being advertised since it is available everywhere: at school canteens, supermarkets, and on the main street.
  • Fast food is unhealthy, and its promotion is irresponsible.
  • Advertising should encourage individuals to exercise rather than harm their health.

4. Advertising Encourage Spendings

Let’s discuss some ideas to see how advertising could encourage spending.

Encourages Unnecessary Spending

  • Advertising is frequently for things and services that we do not require.
  •  Many advertisements promote fictitious desires.
  •  Individuals frequently purchase items just for the image of power, prosperity, and beauty associated with them.
  •  Commercials easily sway youngsters, who pester their parents to buy specific things.
  •  The ultimate goal of advertising is to encourage people to buy something.

Provides Information on Products

  • Adverts assist individuals in saving money by advising them about genuine offers.
  • Catalogues and brochures allow consumers to compare products and services at their leisure.
  • If you need more time to browse, you can learn about new things through advertising.
  • Consumers are informed about the environmental effect of items through advertisements.
  • Customers can readily determine if a company practises fair trade.


I hope this article provided enough ideas to write an essay about advertising for your IELTS exams.

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