Describe A Situation You Were Not Allowed To Use Your Cell Phone

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a situation you were not allowed to use your cell phone.

You should say:
Where was it?
When was it?
Why you were not allowed?
What did you want to do with your cell phone?

Note: You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.

Model answer 1:

Introduction :
Well, in this contemporary era, mobile phones have become part and parcel of our life. More than a luxury these days, it is a necessity to stay connected with our near and dear ones(kith and kin).

Moreover, we are so addicted and dependent on this device that we can’t even imagine our life without it for a single moment.

However, uses of mobile phones are prohibited at a myriad of places, like hospitals, temples, in flights, and while driving. Besides, a similar thing happened to me a couple of months ago, when I had to visit a bank and was not allowed to use my cellphone.

We are so habitual to check our mobiles every now and then for everything, like WhatsApp messages or emails, that if we are asked o stay away from it, then certainly we feel as if we are standing on a death’s door.

Where was it? and When was it?
Actually, due to some financial transactions related to my education loan, I had to visit one of the bank’s branches in my city. Just like any other day, the bank was overcrowded.

Since I was aware that mobile phones were restricted inside the bank, I turned my phone into silent mode. And being a responsible citizen, I lined up in the queue and waited for my turn patiently.

When my turn came, I presented all the documents to the bank cashier. However, to my surprise, the check leaf was missing from the papers. That time I realized that accidentally I would have left it at home. Therefore, I took out my mobile and started to make a call to my father.

Why you were not allowed?
Nevertheless, I was stopped by a security guard, to not make any calls from inside the building due to security reasons.

At first, I was in a dilemma as I couldn’t understand what to do, so I requested him to let me make a call so that someone from my home can get the chequebook for me.

What did you want to do with your cell phone?
But he added an insult to injury by saying that if he would allow me, then everyone could start demanding it.

On the one hand, I began to have blues if I moved from the line, then I must wait in the queue again for my turn to come while on the other hand, he was also reasonable.

Since I had no option, with a heavy heart, I went outside the bank and called my dad to get the chequebook.

Conclusion :
Indeed, I was frustrated to the core by the strict rule, but I also do realize how significant it is for the security system. Additionally, from that day onwards, I am extremely cautious about my documents as I learned a good lesson to be attentive and careful.

Model answer 2:

Introduction :

  • Today, we cannot think of a life without a cell phone.
  • There are many places where the use of a cell phone is very disturbing.
  • For example, in spiritual places like temples, restaurants and hospitals.

Where was it? and When was it?

  • Here, I would like to talk about a scenario when I was not allowed to use the cell phone.
  • Last month, my aunt had come to the UK to Spend a couple of days with us and also do some shopping for the daughter’s wedding.
  • We decided to go to the Golden Temple Amritsar on the weekend.
  • I remember vividly, there was a long queue to enter the main building.
  • Our turn came after one hour’s wait.

Why you were not allowed?

  • Just as we entered the main prayer hall, my phone started ringing.
  • Everybody turned to look at me like I’d committed a crime.
  • I’d forgotten to turn my cell phone off.
  • There were finds all around that cell phones had to be turned to the silent mode prior to going into the hall.
  • I cut the telephone and turned off my mobile phone.
  • I felt really embarrassed.
  • There were so many individuals there, but nobody’s mobile phone was still ringing.
  • After performing the circumambulation of the sacred book, we came out.
  • Then we went to the neighborhood kitchen, where food has been served round the clock.

What did you want to do with your cell phone?

  • After another hour, we arrived out of the Primary building of the temple, and then I switched my cell phone back .
  • You will find four missed calls from my cousin.
  • I called her and told me why we did not answer her calls she understood.

Conclusion :

  • So this was the situation once I was not allowed to use my cell phone.

IELTS Speaking Part 3 : Follow up Questions

Here some examples of follow up questions that you may asked during your speaking part 3 by examiner related to cue card “describe a situation you were not allowed to use your cell phone”.

1. What’s the effect of the mobile phone?
I believe mobile phones have both a negative and positive effect on the lives. Due into the mobile phones, we’ve got immediate access to information and also due to these we could associate with our loved ones; anyplace, anytime. However, at exactly the exact same time, if you take into consideration the negative effects, cellphones also have come to be an excellent source of anxiety in our own lives.

2. What’s the smartphone utilized the most for?
I think, today the smartphones are primarily utilized for accessing social networking programs like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Hotmail, etc.. People today also use them for Official and Entertainment functions like assessing office email or watching films and playing games.

3. What’s your view about selfies?
I think selfies are among the greatest trends of our age. People today are not camera-shy, and with the debut of front-facing cameras on smartphones, they’re taking selfies for each event and at each place they visit.

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